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 16th January 2019
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1 in 6 couples experience infertility;
with Chana you are not alone.

For 22 years, Chana has been giving emotional and practical support to Jewish couples who are experiencing primary or secondary infertility.

Many couples in the Jewish community are affected, often dealing with their situation in silence and alone. Chana is here to help.


We provide:


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The Chana team includes professionals from a variety of backgrounds:


Support workers

Accredited counsellors, therapists and social workers experienced in the field of infertility

Medical Panel 

Specialist consultants and medical practitioners with particular experience in the field of infertility

Medical and Rabbinical Patrons

Providing Chana with guidance on medical and halachic (Jewish legal) issues


A dedicated group of individuals who founded and continue to lead Chana in its development

Office and Administrative Staff 

Supporting all Chana’s ongoing services and projects


Skillful and talented volunteers who help Chana in a variety of ways 



"I really felt understood for the first time"

Contact Us

020 8201 5774
[email protected]
Office Tel
020 8203 8455
23 Ravenshurst Ave, London, NW4 4EE

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30-01-2019 8:00 pm

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