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 15th December 2018
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who we help

Mission statement

Chana aims to facilitate the fulfilment of the commandment to procreate as delineated by Halacha in the Bible and other Jewish sources; this is the commandment for a Jewish male to procreate with a Jewish female.


Chana provides a range of services for individuals and couples, including:

  1. Information: website, educational events, social media, printed materials, journals, and signposting (see below).
  2. Counselling and advice: therapeutic and practical, including medical advisory support services – to be offered face to face, by telephone or video calls (see below).
  3. Financial Assistance: to subsidise medical procedures and assessments, which are subject to additional eligibility criteria (see below).


  1. Information and educational services are available to any member of the Jewish community.
  2. For emotional, medical and practical support to have a child both the man and the woman applying for support must be halachically Jewish and they must be halachically married. Halachically Jewish and halachically married are terms defined by Jewish Law as interpreted by the Chief Rabbinate of the UK. The couple must be in a secure and stable relationship as instructed by Rabbinical authorities dating back to the 16th century, for the sake of the child’s health and security.  
  3. Applications for fertility preservation in the context of fertility-limiting medical conditions can be made by halachically Jewish individuals (including single men and women) and couples in the UK. 
  4. Financial assistance is limited to applications for treatment which will not be provided by the NHS, or not provided within a reasonable timescale. Whether a timescale is reasonable will be determined by Chana’s medical panel.
  5. Due to limited funds and to achieve Chana's charitable objective, further selection criteria are used to prioritise applications, and means testing may be applicable.
  6. More information in relation to eligibility for financial assistance, the application process and selection criteria will be provided by Chana staff in counselling and advice services.  Chana retains discretion in relation to all Chana-funded and subsidised services.  


CONFIDENTIALITY Chana takes client confidentiality very seriously and handles client data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

For 22 years, Chana has been giving emotional and practical support to Jewish couples
who are experiencing primary* or secondary infertility*.

We can help you if:

  • You are feeling isolated and alone dealing with primary or secondary infertility

  • You have been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, an irregular cycle, fibroidspremature ovarian failure or male fertility issues

  • You aren’t sure if infertility is actually a problem and would like to discuss medical investigations

  • You have experienced a miscarriage or still birth

  • You are depressed or anxious about difficulties related to fertility

  • You are preparing for, in the midst of, or waiting for the results of a fertility treatment

  • You are a close relative or friend of someone experiencing infertility and want to know how to support them

  • You want to get help supporting your partner through this challenge 

  • You would like support in dealing with issues relating to your intimate relationship

  • You need information about ways of preserving fertility in the case of life circumstances or illness such as cancer
  • You need support through PGD (Pre Genetic Diagnosis) fertility treatment if it is necessary for you, as genetic carriers of a particular disease 
  • You are pregnant but are anxious about the early stages of pregnancy.
    Please click here for further information on early pregnancy concerns or here for ectopic pregnancy

  • You know you won’t be able to have children; we can support you and help you consider your options


Chana is based in London, but you can call us on our Helpline, as many already do, from across the UK, Israel, Europe, South Africa, the Americas and Australia

* primary infertility: difficulties in having a first child
* secondary infertility: difficulties in having a second child or subsequent children


Contact Us

020 8201 5774
[email protected]
Office Tel
020 8203 8455
23 Ravenshurst Ave, London, NW4 4EE

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