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 15th December 2018
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If you are invited to a wedding or Bar-Mitzvah, a Shabbos meal or Sheva Brochos, or if you want to say thank you
to someone special, or Mazal Tov to a friend on the birth of their baby, why not donate to Chana in lieu of
sending a box of chocolates/bunch of flowers/gift. 

There are 6 different designs to choose from and we can either send the card to you for you to add
your own personal message, or alternatively, we can fill it in and post it on your behalf.

Please call the Chana office on 020 8203 8455 whenever the occasion arises! 

We are sure the recipient will be delighted to have helped such a special cause!

Minimum donation of £10 per card.  


Shabbat donation cardShabbat donation card2

Mazal tov donation cardMazal tov donation card2

Thank you donation cardThank you donation card2

Baby boy donation cardBaby boy donation card2

Baby girl donation cardBaby girl donation card2

Blank donation card

Blank donation card2


'Not Another Box Box of Chocolates' Order Form
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Contact Us

020 8201 5774
[email protected]
Office Tel
020 8203 8455
23 Ravenshurst Ave, London, NW4 4EE

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