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 16th January 2019
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fertility news

Specialist Medical Support

Please contact the Chana helpline to access comprehensive medical support through our experienced and qualified support workers.

They can offer information about:

  • New medical developments
  • Treatments and procedures
  • Clinics
  • Support in early pregnancy


General Information on Infertility

General Information on Infertility

27/04/2017 Fertility treatment add-ons: Do they add up?

20/03/2017 Motherhood on ice: has the egg freezing generation of working women been misled?

23/01/2017 IVF: First three-parent baby born to infertile couple

18/01/2017 Is it time for embryo research rules to be changed?

12/01/2017 Implanting two embryos could reduce IVF success

20/11/2016 When to Take a Pregnancy Test

23/10/2016 Five basic things every couple trying to get pregnant should know

18/10/2016 Folic Acid for Female and Male Fertility

04/10/2016 Understanding IVF Procedures, Risks, Costs, and Success Rates

03/10/2016 Clomid day by day: What to expect, what's happening in your body

20/09/2016 Coping with the Holiday Blues During the Jewish New Year

01/08/2016 Borrowing from Family to Pay for IVF

17/07/2016 Getting Enough - But Not Too Much Sleep May Boost Fertility

28/06/2016 12 Things Not to Say to Someone with Infertility

06/06/2016 Why should people go for counselling?

22/05/2016 Making a Pregnancy Announcement After Infertility

17/11/2015 Clomiphene outperforms new treatment for unexplained fertility

13/04/2015 How to support a friend who's starting IVF

26/03/2015 Questions and Answers on IVF

20/03/2015 Just respect our decision!

05/09/2014 When childless isn't a choice

24/01/2014 Visiting a clinic for the first time? Read the HFEA guide

02/09/2013 Blowing raspberries: year-old fertility study yields belated headlines

20/08/2013 Book Review: Emma Cannon's Total Fertility

23/07/2013 Two-Week Wait Survival Tips: How to Cope During the Two-Week Wait

30/04/2013 Danish study suggests fertility fall-off for sleep-deprived men

08/03/2013 Updated NICE guidance expands entitlements to IVF

28/02/2013 The role of counsellors in infertility clinics


The information given on this page is intended for information purposes only and you should not act on this information without first obtaining specific advice. The information and materials provided on Chana’s website are of a general nature only and cannot be regarded as constituting advice or recommendations (professional, rabbinic or otherwise).


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